minimeThis blog is a work in progress. Categories will be expanded, resources added, and things I never imagined may emerge. As an expression of myself, and a search for family history, I may always be at page one, so to speak. How much this blog will be about family, history, stories or the technology I use to discover all of this depends in part on you, my reader.

What interests you may become part of my story. This blog is setup to accept comments, and they will be moderated. What I will forward of my own posts to or from Facebook will become clearer as this new blog ages. What will the balance be between a pure technology topic post, genealogy finds, and personal story will evolve.

Comments on posts are encouraged. For now, a poster must register first and have had one post previously accepted by the moderator, then additional comments are allowed without moderation. Comments may be removed without notice….I expect that this will be rarely enforced. I have a spam checker on this site to help 🙂

Grab a cup of tea and join me on this journey. I think we can learn from one another.


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