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On Jewish Headstones

Posted December 25, 2015 By dailiness

I’ve learned from other researchers that a tombstone may include personal information about the deceased. And it may yield some important genealogical clues. But what to make of the details I am still learning. I don’t read Hebrew and need to rely on the generosity of others to translate text carved in stone.

I believe that the woman buried here is my 1 cousin 3x removed. Or she may be related to me, but from another branch of my family. A copy of  her marriage to Maurice Littman states this is her 2nd marriage with her first to a Mr. Goldberg.

My question today was what the engraving on the headstone is, and will it help me to confirm a relationship with her. I posted the query on a Facebook group called Tracing The Tribe and was the translation reads: Sarah the daughter of Mr. Israel Yaakov. Ok, as I also learned that Hebrew inscriptions often only include the patronymic name.  And the patronymic name Yaakov does translate to her father’s name Jacob….but I’m no closer to knowing a confirmed relationship with her. But I’ve learned more about Jewish tombstones.

Apart from a known relationship with her I’d like to know if she had children, and most likely from her first marriage. I know I have DNA relatives with the surname Goldberg.


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