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Finding My Grandmothers Family Tree

Finding my Grandmothers is my attempt to learn not only about my family history, but also the culture and societies where they once walked. I am interested in documenting known relations, and in locating others. Growing up in the Chicago area there were frequent visits with our relatives. Times changed, people moved or passed away. I know that I have a number of 2nd and 3rd cousins, somewhere. I'd love to be in touch if only to put you in my tree! Much of my family history has been lost, as is the nature of things. I have learned a lot about family and inferred some meaning for myself from this research. Many of my close family in the US settled in the Chicago area. Others lived on the West coast in CA and in the state of WA. One family settled in the Richmond VA area.

Surnames (blood relations) in my tree include: Abrahams, Arthur, Bernhard, Bernhardt, Block, Braun, Brown, Burnstein, Cherry, Davidson, Derzbach, Dick, Elias, Field(s), Feinstein, Fiersten, Gertz, Goldstein, Green, Greenfield, Hanelin, Kaminsky, Karol, Keller, Kratman, Levenson, Levinson, Pearlman, Perbohner, (Perboner, Porboner, Proboner), Rosenfield, Rubenstein (Rubens), Shonfeld (Schonfeld, Schoenfeld), Spiner, Steelman, Wilk (Wilke), Winslow, Witz. Locations where they lived include: Chicago, IL; Highland Park, IL; New York, NY; Los Angeles, CA; San Francisco, CA; England, Seattle, WA, Richmond, VA; Jelgava; Mitau; Jekabpils; Yacobstadt; Kiev.

If you believe you are in this family tree, or should be, please register for an account and have a look. Tell me who you are or your presumed relationship to me. This tree is and will remain private. Feel free to contact me if you have ancestral histories, photographs or stories to share. Are you a relative who has done DNA testing for genealogy? Contact me and we can compare SNPs. My blog is of general interest, and open to the public.

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