One Record Leads to This & That

After finding the ship manifest for Elias and Rachel, two of my great great grandparents, I wondered what else I could discover about this part of their emigration and immigration to the U.S. I know that this part of the family was considered a German immigrant in regards to their landing in NYC.

They sailed on the S/S Rhynland, Red Star Line. The Ships List tells me that she was a 3,689 gross ton ship built in 1879, length 402.8ft x beam 40.2ft, one funnel, four masts, iron construction, single screw and a speed of 14 knots. Accommodation was provided for 150-1st and 1,000-3rd class passengers. Their ship sailed every Saturday between Antwerp and Castle Garden NY. I do not yet know their passage rates but Spring and Summer rates from an ad are: First cabin, $60 to $100; excursion, $110 to $180; second cabin, $45; excursion, $80 and $85. Steerage at very low rates.
Peter Wright & Sons, Gen. Agents, 55 B’way.

The Red Star Line alone carried about two million immigrants across the Atlantic. A quarter of them were Jewish, including Albert Einstein.

I think about their voyage and what they did on the ship. Did the men play games, the women play at the piano and sing, or were my relatives in a different part of the ship altogether?

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