Found 2nd Great Grandparents U.S. Arrival

Phew, it took ages, over the ages, to locate the passenger list for one pair of my great great grandparents Elias and Rachel. Some time ago I had already found the ship manifest for his emigration voyage. It’s indexed under the name Elias Perbolner, which is not too far off from a valid surname spelling. But where to find the New York arrival list.

Today I took a different tack. And I think that is an appropriate verb considering I was looking for a ship. Some in this family used a completely different surname and I have not figured out why. That is another story, however.

Today with the sailing date and an approximate number of days they would be expected to be at sea, I searched under a first name only. I figured that leaving Hamburg with the first (given) name of Elias, he might arrive and have the same recognisable name on this side of the Atlantic. From the departure list, I could not tell the name of the ship but I had enough information to plug into one of Steve Morse‘s databases. And from there I got to a next step which eventually led me to use his first name and find not too many records to look at.

It’s no wonder to me now that I could not locate his name or the other family members. Their surname is entered as Vorlobna. From the image, I included here you can understand how the spelling was indexed incorrectly. I can see how that mistake was made, and it took me a long time to use different methods to find this record.


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